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Yamaha Vmax restoration Part 8:

I sandblasted the rear brake carrier and Cerakoted in clear. I used C Series which is high temperature but air drying. I then fitted the rear wheel and left side shock absorber. Next I decided to strip the mounting plates that carry the coils, fuel pump and relays. My zinc plater is a little slow on getting things done for me. However, I don't pay a lot and he doesn't loose anything. All the metal mounting plates would need re-painting as well as the fixings being plated.

After spending a while sand blasting quite a few parts, I decided to plate the mounting plates zinc and yellow (gold).

While I was waiting for the text to say they're ready, I decided to strip the brake calipers. To my dismay all the pistons are in need of replacement. A quick calculation meant that I would be spending around £200. So I've ordered a length of 304 stainless bar to make them myself.

I purchased a container of AutoSmart G101, which is an all purpose cleaner. You dilute it and I'm quite impressed. It easily cleans up the rubber pipes and plastic parts.

So as it's so close to Christmas, I'm going to put a hold on the project until in the new year. I see little point in sandblasting lots of more items, only to have then sitting around until early in the new year when they get plated.

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