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Frame Kit complete

Frame Kit complete


These frame tubes are bent using a JD squared hyraulic tube bender. The main hoop frame is notched for the headtube (included) and the top and bottom fuel tank tubes are also notched

The tubing is hydraulic cds (cold drawn through a mandrel) this ensures uniformity in bore for maximun strength. Tube size is 1.25" x 1.63mm

The head tube is 1.75" x 3.25mm cds. Please note that headtube bearing cups are sold separately.

Chain and seat stays are either:

1" x 1.63mm cds bend around a 3"CLR die giving a internal measurement between parallel tubes of 129mm.


1 25" x 1.63mm cds bend around 3.5" CLR die, giving an internal measurement between parallel tubes of 143mm.

All that is required to complete the frame is the link tubes between the main frame down tube and the seat and chain stays.

These tubes aren't offered as it is a bespoke item, i.e. dependant on the wheelbase and subject to the gearbox location.


Laser cut plates, , curved and tapered fork legs with braized in drop outs.

Fork tubes are 30mm x 15mm x 2mm elliptical mild steel.

10mm round bar required for fork supports.

Frame kit list of parts:

Fork stem threaded lock rings x 2

Headset top bearing nitrile dust cover ring

Headset bearing cups

Headset bearings

Frame kit

Countershaft frame tube

Finishing caps 1" x 4

Laser cut rear wheel plates


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